Red Card

Kurt Aust

Rødt kort
Aschehoug 2022
Fiction / Thriller
130 Words
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Zac Utheim – a temperamental Norwegian footballer – moves from the prestigious football club Lazio in Rome, to the less known Exeter United in England. Exeter is aiming for Premier League, playing on the second level in the English league system at the moment.

In spring 2022 Zac arrives in Exeter town in Devon, driving his VW Bus. He settles down by the river in the outskirts of the town. Secretly the sports director Matt Reed has paid Zac to stop one of the players on the team from feeding local newspaper journalists with vicious rumors about Exeter club. But Zac has also his own, private reasons for moving to Exeter. He wants to find out what happened when the young Italian footballer drowned in the river Exe two years ago. Was it an accident? Was he just drunk and uncareful? Hardly.

Red Card is a captivating thriller about love, hatred and money in football.

«Hereby recommended!»

Sindre Hovdenakk, VG

Passionate football thriller.

Ola Hegdal, NRK

Kurt Aust’s RED CARD is impressively relevant.

Arild Rønsen, Nettavisen