Dead Head

Randi Fuglehaug

Kagge Forlag 2023
Fiction / Crime
Norwegian manuscript soon available

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Skallebank forside

DEAD HEAD is a story about traditional food and untraditional politicians, about enjoying expensive wines and drowning your sorrows in cheap ones.

On a beautiful September afternoon, the newly elected mayor of Voss, former talk show host and TV personality Sjur Dagestad, does not return from a hike in the mountain. The police ask Agnes Tveit for help, as she has just done a big profile on the popular politician in the local newspaper and was one of the last people who saw him before he disappeared. Agnes becomes both intrigued and worried – also because she has been receiving anonymous messages from someone claiming that the mayor was lying in her interview.

Back working as reporter, Agnes starts investigating and finds that not only is the political life in Voss full of betrayal and frenemies, but not everything in the new mayor´s life is what it seems. Dagestad, a married father of two, was known for his great taste in wine – but also for his big hangovers and hunger for women. Agnes is suffering from her personal head ache. Her dreaded 40th birthday is coming up, she is being forced to sell her house in order to give her ex-boyfriend Fredrik his money back. On a boozy night, Agnes ends up in bed with her best friend Viktor. Even though Agnes is a mess, her investigative instincts remain sharp. She is determined to find the truth about what happened to Sjur Dagestad.

Foreign rights

Grønningen, Denmark

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