Yellow Warning

Brit Bildøen

NORLA Selected Title

Gult farevarsel
Samlaget 2023
Fiction / Novel
58000 Words
Norwegian PDF, English samples and synopsis

Product sheet (PDF)

Skjermbilde 2023 04 12 kl. 13.58.51

Yellow warning is a novel about bad weather, beasts and betrayal.
On the way up to Innsetra, Dorte begins to regret: Why did she insist on celebrating her old parents’ golden wedding anniversary here, far off the beaten track, late in October? She had to persuade the family, and now it is up to her to make this a special weekend.Soon everyone is gathered. Parents, twin brother, sister, her husband and their dog. And it will be a special weekend. The weather rages, a landslide blocks the road, and suddenly there are two men with hunting rifles standing at the reception. In a perfectly ordinary family, unexpected events cause some of them to do things they never thought they could – or would – ever do.

Foreign rights

btb Verlag/Penguin Random House, Germany
Belfond Editions, France

“Gult farevarsel became an unexpectedly exciting trip to the mountains.”


“The reader is engaged. Very engaged! … The thriller element that gradually emerges, makes the book exciting ”.


“Brit Bildøen has written a novel that succeeds in building up to a burlesque, yes, wild, climax.”


“Really exciting and well-composed crime story”.