Adam Hiort's Journey

Brit Bildøen

Adam Hiorths veg
Samlaget 2011
Fiction / Novel

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Meet Jon Utskott, a knight of nature, a living legend. Every spring Jon Utskott rides his bicycle across the vast mountains and deep valleys of Norway to give speeches and hold meetings with local communities. His vision is rich and his voice mighty, Jon Utskott is a man who would easily give his life for the better cause in the ongoing battle for nature.

While he prepares for his twenty ninth odyssey on his trusted bicycle, a young film maker, Adam Hiort, asks for permission to follow Don Jon and make a documentary about him. Jon reluctantly agrees to this, on one condition: The young man must bring his own bike and tent, and share the frugal meals with the older man.

Their journey turns out to be full of steep hills, odd occurrences and captivating women. And many times our two heroes take a hell of a beating — they find they are not always welcome with their good cause. «Adam Hiort’s journey» is a hilarious picaresque novel through a mythic Norwegian nature — and a beautiful homage to the idealist in each of us.

«Playful, beautiful, hilarious and utterly compelling — a novel bursting with literary energy."
Linn Ullmann

Foreign rights

Wallimann Verlag, Germany