Across Land and Sea: A year with migratory birds

Brit Bildøen

Over land og hav: Eit år med trekkfugler
Kagge Forlag 2020, September
Non-Fiction / Nature writing
45000 Words
English sample chapters available

Product sheet (PDF)

Bildøen brit over land og hav hoy

After following migratory birds for a year, the author takes the reader on an adventurous journey across land and sea

Birds live in close proximity to us, but do we really know that much about them? We have always dreamed of being free like the bird. But the birds are not as free as we think. They are vulnerable, not least the migratory birds that embark on long and arduous journeys over land and sea twice a year.

Brit Bildøen follows migratory birds for a year, and takes the reader on a journey from windswept cliffs and elongated bog landscapes here in Norway, to the plains of Andalucia and the coastal landscape outside Tangier. Here you can read about the French people’s morbid passion for the songbird Ortolan Bunting and about the Northern Lapwing that will soon vanish from Lista, and about the gray gull that nests every year on the roof of the barn near her summer cottage on Veiholmen. Across Land and Sea is a declaration of love for the birds around us and the beautiful experiences in nature that await if we just open our eyes to see them.