The Devil's Horseman

Jan Ove Ekeberg

Djevelens rytter
Gyldendal 2018
Fiction / Historical
80000 Words
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Djevelensrytter 9788205512825 300dpi

The Last Viking King-series is based on real events in Harald Hardrada’s life.
After the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030, young Harald finds himself in exile with Yaroslav I, whom he serves as a warrior. However, he soon sets out for Constantinople, the city where power and wealth can be won. On the way there, out on the vast steppes, Harald meets the Khazars, otherwise known as the Devil’s Horsemen. It is here that Harald too learns how to be a devil’s horseman. But Harald’s and the Khazars’ equestrian skills are of little help when the Byzantine Emperor’s soldiers attack. Those who are not killed, are taken to Constantinople as prisoners of war. It is here that Harald’s long, fair hair catches the appreciative eye of the Empress, which in turn leads to him trying out for the Emperor’s army of Nordic mercenaries.

Foreign rights

Heyne Verlag, Germany
Perseus, Bulgaria
Tukan Förlag, Sweden

Top-notch Viking novel! … has everything a good historical and entertaining novel should have. (Six stars)


Much of the strength of Ekeberg’s project is the way he combines storytelling with historical characters and storyline. (Five stars)

Hamar Arbeiderblad