The Viking Age in 200 Pages

Jan Ove Ekeberg

Vikingtiden på 200 sider
Kagge Forlag 2022
Non Fiction / History/The Viking Age
Norwegian PDF

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Vikingtiden pa 200 sider 9788248929710

The Viking Age changed Norway forever. The first cities were founded, we had the first written laws and with Christianity came a new way of thinking.

Read the fascinating story about why the Viking Age, despite bloody raids, became an age of enlightenment in Norway.
Jan Ove Ekeberg takes us on an expedition to foreign lands, with bloody battles, looting and devastation. But he also tells about other aspects of the Vikings’ lives, and shows how the Viking Age was a rich age of enlightenment that laid the foundation for the later nation of Norway. The Vikings brought important knowledge home and modernized the country. The first cities grew up, we got a uniform coinage system, the first written laws, a modern written language, and Christianity gained a permanent foothold in our country.
This is an easy-to-read introduction to 250 years of the Norwegian Viking Age. We hear about the first bloody attacks, about the Vikings as founders of small kingdoms in England, Ireland, Normandy and on the islands in the North Sea, about how Iceland was populated and about the discoveries of Greenland and America. What enabled the Vikings to do this? And what had become of us as a country when the Viking Age was over?