Imperial Mercenary

Jan Ove Ekeberg

Keiserens leiesoldat
Gyldendal 2019
Fiction / Historical
70000 Words
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Den siste vikingkongen fotokreditering gyldendal

In Byzantium, the centre of the mighty Eastern Roman Empire, the Emperor’s bodyguards in the 1000s were viking mercenaries, the legendary Varangian Guard. With the support of the Varangians, the emperor’s young son Michael recaptured the eastern regions of Sicily. After the bloody campaign, Michael wants to go to Jerusalem to pray at Jesus’ tomb for his forgiveness and eternal life. The Holy City is no longer under the control of the empire, and Michael must travel in secret with a small escort. Only a select few bodyguards accompany him. They are led by a Norwegian Varangian Leader named Harald.In the midst of this comes a message from Norway assigning Harald to a new command. But is he willing to give up his independent warrior life to fight for the king’s power?

Foreign rights

Heyne Velag, Germany
Perseus, Bulgaria
Tukan Förlag, Sweden

Ekeberg is a thoroughly professional suspense writer, with an impressive ability to bring to light ah historical period and figures we really know very little about. (…) This novel is incredibly well-composed, and seasoned with the most amazing depictions of environment and milieu; methods of warfare and lion fighting, Franks and Bedouins, pockmarked monks and merciless prioresses, love, hatred and revenge.

Cathrine Krøger, Dagbladet, Five of Six Stars