Food for the Heart. Let food be your medicine.

Fedon Lindberg

Mat for hjertet
Cappelen Damm 2018
Non-Fiction / Cookbook /Health/Lifestyle
Norwegian pdf

Product sheet (PDF)

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Your guide to a healthier heart.

  • 9 steps to a healthier heart
  • reduce your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • 100 recipes with heart-healthy foods

Food for the heart is a guide for those who wish to prevent heart disease, need to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, fight chronic infections or have cardiovascular disorders.

  • Strengthen or repair your most important organ and stay healthy and vital with the world’s healthiest diet: Mediterranean Cooking.
  • Learn more about cholesterol’s role, and how you can keep your arteries open and flexible.
  • Select among 100 heart-healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack, beverages, sauces, desserts and cakes.
  • Food for the Heart serves up wonderfully tasty dishes and many healthy advantages.