Naturally Slim

Fedon Lindberg

Naturlig Slank
Cappelen Damm 2012
Non Fiction / Cookbook /Health/Lifestyle

Product sheet (PDF)


It is quite possible to enjoy meals of tasty and healthy food and to get full and lose weight at the same time!

This cookbook, containing more than 120 recipes, is written for anyone who is interested in their own health and who also loves food. With just a little bit of planning, you do not need to spend hours in the kitchen. The book conveys the enjoyment of healthy food at the same time as you learn to make tasty food that provides energy that lasts. It is one thing to eat healthy food, it is quite another thing to eat food that at the same time tastes good and is filling. Here you get recipes and tips for combinations of food that allow you to eat often, until your full and still lose weight and improve your health.