Gut in Balance. Learn for Life - Cookbook

Fedon Lindberg

Kokeboken Naturlig Slank, med tarm i balanse
Cappelen Damm 2018
Non-fiction / Cookbook /Health/Lifestyle

Product sheet (PDF)

Gut in balance  cookbook 9788202566784

Based on the facts presented in the title Guts in balance, by Dr. Fedon Lindberg, this cookbook is offering everything you need in order to get a healthy weight forever. You will learn how to achieve a rich bacterial flora that helps the body absorb fewer calories from the food you eat and store less fat. The feeling of hunger is reduced and you get less cravings for sweets. You learn which foods can provide healthy weight over time, not just in the short term.

Dr.Fedon Lindberg guides you through the weight loss process step by step, through two phases: Phase 1 is about the actual weight loss, phase 2 is the stabilization phase and about how to keep your new and healthy weight. You will find weekly menus and recipes for each of the phases, a total of 70 recipes for all the day’s meals. All the recipes are marked so that you can immediately see what type of dish it is. In the book, you’ll also find recepies of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

With this cookbook, it will be easier to get better digestion, healthier intestines, increased metabolism and a lasting healthy and natural weight – and at the same time enjoy good food every single day.