Gut in balance. Lean for Life

Fedon Lindberg

Naturlig slank med tarm i balanse
Kagge Forlag 2017
Non-Fiction / Cookbook /Health/Lifestyle
89000 Words
Extensive English material available

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Org naturlig slank med tarm i balanse hoy

Dr. Fedon Lindberg gives an insightful perspective on the connection between increased weight gain and the underlying imbalance of bacteria in the guts, or what he calls “the gut factor”, the overlooked cause of weight gain.

Based on new science, dr. Lindberg explains how the digestion system works and how you can achieve a healthy bacterial eco-system. If you pay attention to this important “gut factor”, it will lead to weight loss by making the body absorb fewer calories, reduce feeling of hunger and sugar hunger, and finally store less fat.

The key point is to limit the consumption of sugar and starch, and to eat more healthy fat. Furthermore, one should eat more “living” and fermented food, and enough proteins in each meal in order to balance the gut’s bacterial flora.

The book offers a clear understanding of “the gut factor”, a diet plan easy to abide by, a 14-day menu, over 50 recipes and many good advices. You will learn what you need to get – and maintain – a healthy gut balance, good digestion, quicker burning of calories and a lasting weight loss.

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