Aicha's Mediterranean Cooking. The kitchen of the sun

Aicha Bouhlou

Aishas middehavsmat. Solens kjøkken
Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 2023
Non Fiction / Cookbook
Norwegian PDF

Product sheet (PDF)

Aichas middelhavsmat

This inspiring cookbook is crammed with colourful, tempting Mediterranean classics and Aicha’s own recipes based on the food culture around the Mediterranean – the kitchen of the sun.

In Aicha’s Mediterranean Cooking – the kitchen of the sun, you will find simple and tasty recipes, with ingredients and preparation methods that are part of a Mediterranean diet. Let yourself be inspired and create a sunny food moment that you can share with friends and family. Here you’ll find fresh, brightly colored salads, simple small dishes, varied grilled food and delicious fish dishes. This is wonderful food with many flavors that can be enjoyed all year round.

There is no simple definition of “Mediterranean cuisine”, but a common denominator for the Mediterranean diet is the use of olive oil, in addition to plenty of fresh vegetables, fish, fruit, legumes, herbs, garlic, nuts and grains. Enjoy!

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