The Painter

Sigrun Slapgard

Cappelen Damm 2015
Fiction / Novel

Product sheet (PDF)


Anders Castus Svarstad, born 1869, came from poor circumstances, but became a recognized painter in the art milieu. When Svarstad met the Norwegian author Sigrid Undset, his life took a new turn, bringing him new triumphs, but also personal setbacks. Svarstad and Undset became a scandalous couple in Norway. They headed for Rome to fulfil their common artist dream: To paint, write and love. The Painter is the story of the true relationship between Undset and Svarstad that inspired the Nobel Prize winning author to write Kristin Lavransdatter, one of the world’s greatest love stories, set in medieval time. The novel tells the story of how a talented artist had to battle with himself and with the changing times.
Sigrun Slapgard, journalist and author, has lived and worked in Latin-America, Africa and The Middle East. She wrote the acclaimed biography on Sigrid Undset, Dikterdronningen. And for her previous novel, Englestien (2012), she was awarded with Nynorsk litteraturpris.