I have seen the Jaguar. Latin-American Stories

Sigrun Slapgard

Eg har sett jaguaren. Latinamerikanske historier
Samlaget 2018
Non-Fiction / Documentary, narrative
61000 Words

Product sheet (PDF)

Eg har sett jaguaren framside r

A close look at Latin America’s violent history

From the 1960’s to the present day the word vanished creates a political abyss and personal tragedies on the Latin American continent. As a journalist for the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK), Sigrun Slapgard has reported about people in the center of these dramatic events. People who oppose oppression, who risk their lives for change.

Sigrun Slapgard takes us along on her journeys: To El Salvador where codes and camouflage are part of every day life and death; into the Columbian jungle to meet the FARC-gorillas, during the new fragile time of peace; and to Buenos Aires where grandmothers are now experiencing astonishment when kidnapped grandchildren turn up 30 years after the military dictatorship.

These are human stories Slapgard never has been able to let go of, gradually they have become a part of her own life. I have seen the Jaguar is s powerful and personal book about courage and strength, light and darkness.

I am particularly moved by how close the author is to her characters, the ability to transport the reader into their view of the world, their fears and motivation, the gentle respect she shows them. She highlights individuals as well as the conflict they have been a part of.

Signe Prøis, Klassekampen