Black Frost

Asbjørn Jaklin

Svart frost
Vigmostad & Bjørke 2012
FIction / Crime
English material available

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Jaklin svart frost6

Northern Norway played a key role in World War II. Evil acts were committed. Some to be forgotten, some to be remembered. «Black frost» is a story where crime from the past meets crime from the present .
Alex Winther, a 37 years old journalist from Tromsø, is on his first assignment for his newspaper Nordlys. A male body is found hanging in a deserted barn in Nordland, brutally tortured.
The police have trouble identifying the dead. Alex sees a possible connection to the war cemetery nearby. Soon traces lead him to the Balkan War and to Second World War.
The story moves back to 1949. Wehrmacht-colenel Reinhardt Stuckmann arrives in Oslo to take part in a top-secret military conference. They are to make a contingency plan to prepare for a Russian invasion of Norway. But Stuckmann sails under false colours, he has his own agenda for returning to Norway. Who exactly is Reinhardt Stuckmann? Who shares his true story?

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Suhrkamp Verlag, Germany

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