The Tibetan Rites

Audun Myskja

De tibetanske ritene
J. M. Stenersen Forlag 2021
Non-Fiction / Health, Body and Mind
41800 Words
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De tibetanske ritene 9788272017155

If you only have time for 15 minutes exercise a day, this is the very best workout!

A completely affordable training session that will give you strength, balance, flexibility, better coordination and increased endurance. The Tibetan rites come from an ancient tradition, but they are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. The rites provide a framework for the training that can be completed over time, even if you are stressed and busy, or are ill and in pain. The exercises keep you young and strong, both physically and mentally. They are far more holistic than ordinary strength and endurance training. In this book, doctor Audun Myskja presents the rites in a completely new way, where he uses knowledge and new research to explain why the rites work.

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