The Art of Aging

Audun Myskja

Ungdomskilden. Tolv gode valg for livet
J. M. Stenersen Forlag 2017
Non-Fiction / Health
51000 Words
English material available

Product sheet (PDF)

Org myskja ungdomskilden høy

“The fountain of youth won’t be found in a far-away land or in some magic potion. The fountain of youth is inside you, in your simple choices, values and healthy habits. It’s hidden in your relations, discipline, love and compassion. Some of the points and conclusions in this book are commonly known, others will surprise and perhaps provoke you.” Myskja’s message is simple: We can all do a lot to keep ourselves young and in good shape – whether we’re 30, 60 or 90. It’s never too late. With the knowledge from this book, you can take the right choices now and make sure the years to come will be good.

“My goal with the “forever young”-project is not to keep ourselves young no matter cost, nor have the perfect body or the smoothest face. I think we’re here on this earth to be of use. We need energy, happiness, an agile body, strong muscles and sharpened senses. With these traits, our own lives and the lives of fellow humans may profit from us. Therefore: Embrace aging instead of fighting it. Choose Art of aging instead of Anti-aging. Love your body, no matter how old it is. Love your mind, no matter how old you feel. It will make you more loveable, if nothing else. Probably younger too. We all contribute in a bigger picture none of us fully comprehend. Every moment has its possibilities."

Even though the book is first and foremost focused on the public, there is much we doctors may useful, especially for being able to give advice to patients struggling with both physical and mental health issues.

Torikild Færø, Den norske legeforeningens tidsskrift