Meditation. The way to finding yourself

Audun Myskja

Meditasjon. Veien til deg selv
Kagge Forlag 2022
Non Fiction / Health, Body and Mind
Norwegian PDF and English sample chapters

Product sheet (PDF)

Meditasjon 9788272017650

“Meditation is making peace with yourself,” says Audun Myskja

You can learn to meditate. Audun Myskja shows you how.
For several years, he has taught a large number of very different people, with different motivations and different needs, to meditate.

Now he has finally gathered all his knowledge, experience and insight into a book. Meditation. The way to finding yourself, is the book for anyone who wants to learn to meditate, and for those who want to delve further – written by a nestor in the field.

Audun Myskja’s unique combination of western medicine, eastern tradition and warm communication skills reaches an ever-growing audience. In his previous book, he reached out widely with “The Tibetan rites”. In this book, he returns to what he does best, and which most people want to learn from him: How to find inner peace through meditation.