The Waterside Gallery

Hanna Blixt

Galleriet vid vattnet
Historiska Media, Sweden 2021
Fiction / Feel Good
65000 Words
Extensive Synopsis in English available

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Galleriet vid vattnet

The Waterside Gallery, the idependent sequel to the successful Glass Veranda by the Lake, is a warm, feelgood novel about love, dreams and life goals.
The story takes place in Dalarna, a Swedish county with cozy red log cabins, flower-filled meadows and the lake Siljan as a glittering backdrop.
In Tällberg, a beautiful village in the Swedish province of Dalarna, Nora and Viktor have decided to open a gallery with recycled items. Nora is determined to open its doors by midsummer. But time is short, and it turns out that nothing goes as smoothly as she had hoped. When Nora buys a painting at an auction and finds a love letter, her curiosity is aroused. Who is the Dalecarlian woman on the painting? Who is the letter written to? And who sent the letter? At the same time, we follow Nils in the 1960s, a young man who moved to Dalarna with his dysfunctional family. Nils is romantically inclined and falls in love with a Dalecarlian woman he sees on a postcard. He realizes that she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.
The two novels in the series of three titles have sold close to 40.000 copies!

About the Leksandsviten Series
Hanna Blixt describes both fascinating life stories and the beautiful countryside with warmth, empathy and knowledge. The contemporary story encompasses the problems of modern life, while the older story contributes darkness and depth. The series includes the three standalone titles Glass Veranda by the Lake, The Waterside Gallery and Balkony with an ocean View.
WINNER OF THE ADLIBRIS FEELGOOD AWARD 2022, for her title Balcony with an Ocean View

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