The Hiding Place in Amsterdam

Hanna Blixt

Historieväktarna: Gömstället i Amsterdam
Tukan Förlag, Sweden 2021
Fiction children 9--12 years / History WW2
30000 Words
Extensive manual for teachers

Product sheet (PDF)

Gomstallet i amsterdam

The Hiding Place in Amesterdam is the second title in the success series called Guardians of History.

The Time travellers Milton and Iona end up in Amsterdam in the 1940’s where they by chance get to share a hiding place with none other than Anne Frank and her family. The unexpected meeting makes it difficult for Milton and Iona to live up to the promise they made to the other time travelers never to intervene in the story. Will they be able to save Anne Frank and her family without changing history? And how much do we really know about our history? The Hiding Place in Amsterdam is the exciting sequel to The Mission in London in the series The Guardians of History. The books accurately describe how our past is connected to our current time, and that we are all involved in writing history.

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