Balcony with an Ocean View

Hanna Blixt

Balkong med havsutsikt
Historiska Media, Sweden 2022
Fiction / Feel Good
65000 Words
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Balkong med havsutsikt final

WINNER OF THE ADLIBRIS FEELGOOD AWARD 2022, for her title Balcony with an Ocean View

Balcony with an Ocean View is the romantic, gripping and final book in the Leksand suite series and a stand-alone sequel to Hanna Blixt’s feelgood success Glasveranda by the Lake and The waterside Gallery.
Nora and Viktor are looking forward to their luxurious honeymoon in the Caribbean. After all the toil with the opening of a gallery in Tällberg, they long to enjoy each other’s company in the heat, surrounded by turquoise sea on a cruise ship. Along on the journey are their best friends, Vega and Kim. Shortly after boarding, there´s a strained mood between the couple Vega and Kim which inevitably also affects the newlyweds.
More than a hundred years earlier, a young man named Anders boards another ship.He leaves his wife and unborn child in Insjön and takes a job as a coal miner on a ship crossing the Atlantic. The goal is to get to America and to acquire a farm so that his beloved family can move after. As each shovel moves him further and further away from them, he also feels that reunion is approaching. What he does not know is that the ship, Titanic, is heading for doom …
About the Leksandsviten Series
Hanna Blixt describes both fascinating life stories and the beautiful countryside with warmth, empathy and knowledge. The contemporary story encompasses the problems of modern life, while the older story contributes darkness and depth. The series includes the three standalone titles Glass Veranda by the Lake, The Waterside Gallery and Balkony with an ocean View.

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