The Mission in London

Hanna Blixt

Historieväktarna: Uppdraget i London
Tukan Förlag, Sweden 2021
Fiction children 9-12 years / History WW2
30000 Words
Sample translation in English available, Extensive manual for teachers

Product sheet (PDF)

Historieväktarna 1 uppdraget i london hr

The Mission in London is the first book in a trilogy that triggers interest in our world history and is a great introduction to both the subject of history and the act of reading. Real page-turners for 9-12 year olds.

The Mission in London is the first book in the Guardians of History-series which Hanna Blixt has written together with her husband Jakob Blixt, who is a history teacher. With great accuracy, Hanna and Jakob Blixt manage to convey how we are all part of creating history!

Since the beginning of time, two secret societies have been fighting each other; one to preserve history, the other one to change it. When Milton and Iona accidently change the past so that the Nazis win the war, they are drawn into a dangerous adventure. They travel in time back to World War II and 1940s London. Now they have to put everything right. On a submarine off the coast of England they take part in one of the most fascinating events of World War II, Operation Mincemeat, in which a dead soldier and forged documents play crucial roles for the outcome of the war.
Will Milton and Iona succeed in restoring history and returning to the present as we know it?

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