The Alley - When the Animals Awake, Part II

Hanna Blixt

Gränden - När djuren vaknar del II
Historiska Media, Sweden 2022
Fiction Young Adults / Dystopia
59000 Words

Product sheet (PDF)

Gränden bild

When the Animals Awake is a two-part series comprising The Halo and The Alley. This is the second and final part of this series,

Hanna Blixt’s highly topical thrillers are narrated from four viewpoints: those of two seventeen-yearolds, one sentenced for a murder she can’t recall committing, while the other has lost his parents, abducted for mysterious reasons; a former meteorologist, now homeless, who has lost everything he once had; and a female scientist who has discovered information that imperils them all.

Although nature has made a temporary recovery, humans have had a excessive impact on the environment for too long. Climate refugees roam the planet. National borders are gradually being eroded.

During the viral pandemic people have taken a step back, enabling animals to move into the human domain. Although things are now beginning to return to normal, the animals are unwilling for some reason to withdraw. In fact, they are starting to behave aggressively – a phenomenon for which Caroline, the scientist, believes she knows the explanation. And someone wants to keep that explanation under wraps at all costs.