The Phoenix Trilogy - The Counterfeiters in Berlin

Hanna Blixt

Historieväktarna - Fenixtrilogin - Falskmyntarna i Berlin
Tukan Förlag 2023
Fiction children 9-12 years / History WW2
30653 Words
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Tukan blixt falskmyntarna i berlin 3[1]

The Phoenix Trilogy is a standalone continuation of the very popular and bestselling Guardians of History-series

Milton and Iona didn’t think it would be possible to do more time travelling, but they could hardly have been more wrong… In the Phoenix Trilogy, their fast-paced adventures continue to exciting places and events during the Second World War. Through these new three volumes, we follow Milton and Iona when they are drawn into the biggest forgery operation in history, meet the coveted Nobel laureate Niels Bohr in Copenhagen and try to stop a train loaded with stolen art and precious treasures to save the world from destruction.

The Counterfeiters in Berlin is the first book in the Phenix Triology.

During a school trip, Milton is awakened in his tent by a thunderstorm. In the light of a flash of lightning, he thinks he sees a man standing by a tree waving at him. A secret society with members in black suits and sunglasses is close by. Who are they? What are they after? And why do they open a portal that looks like a phoenix bird, making it possible to travel back in time?

Milton and his classmate Iona are once again drawn into a dangerous adventure and end up in Berlin during WWII. In the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, the world’s largest counterfeit operation is taking place: Operation Bernhard. But it turns out that besides money, many human lives are also at stake. A blind man named Otto Weidt and the agent Nancy Wake are also drawn into the adventure.

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