The Phoenix Trilogy - The Nobel Prize Laurate in Copenhagen

Hanna Blixt

Historieväktarna - Fenixtrilogin - Nobelpristagaren i Köpenhamn
Tukan Förlag, Sweden 2023
Fiction children 9-12 years / History WW2
30076 Words
Swedish PDF

Product sheet (PDF)

Tukan blixt nobelpristagaren i kopenhamn 3[1]

The Phoenix Trilogy is a standalone continuation of the very popular and bestselling Guardians of History-series
Milton and Iona didn’t think it would be possible to do more time travelling, but they could hardly have been more wrong…
The Nobel Prize Laurate in Copenhagen, is the second book in the Phenix Triology
Milton and Iona have travelled in time, ending up in Copenhagen where they meet nuclear physicist and Nobel Prize laurate, Niels Bohr.
His knowledge of nuclear weapons is highly demanded by both Germans and British. But perhaps they are not the only ones who want to find him and get this terrible weapon into use …
At the same time, a raid is being planned to capture the entire Jewish population of Denmark and Niels Bohr is also hovering in danger. But he has also his family to take care of. Will Milton and Iona manage to get Niels Bohr to safety in time? And what will happen to all the other refugees in Denmark?