The Pyramid Mystery

Hanne Kristin Rohde

Kagge Forlag 2019
Fiction, children 9-12 / Mystery, crime
25000 Words
Full English ms. available

Product sheet (PDF)

Pyramidemysteriet hoy

Astrid is awakened in the middle of the night by a glittering blue light blinking at her. The light has come to her before when it has something to tell her. She senses a sudden fear — something has happened to her horse Rocky. She wakes up her father and together they hurry to the stables where they discover that Rocky is deathly sick. Astrid lives with her bohemian-lawyer dad who works from home and drives around in a red Ferrari. Her mother is a doctor working in a refugee camp in Africa. To compensate for her mother’s absence, her grandmother often stays with them. She is the one who realises that Astrid has a gift, a kind of strong intuition that comes to her in the form of a blue light. But Astrid doesn’t talk about it. For her, it is important to be just like everyone else. Especially when she becomes friends with Yusuf, the cute new boy in her class.
The Blue Light series targets children 9 and 12 years old. It addresses current topics that concern schoolchildren at this age. Thirteen-year-old Astrid is the main character. Together with her friend Yusuf, with whom she is secretly in love, they solve a variety of cases. The series is set in Oslo. A high tempo interspersed with calmer moments makes the stories both engaging and exciting. With multifaceted credible situations, tension between parent and child, as well as a number of likeable characters Rohde creates a series which has warmth and humour, love and excitement.

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Turbine, Denmark