The Yusuf Mystery

Hanne Kristin Rohde

Mysteriet med Yusuf
Kagge Forlag 2019
Fiction children 9-12 years / Mystery, crime

Product sheet (PDF)

Mmysteriet med yusuf forside til trykk highres

Marie is having a home-alone party and everyone is invited except Astrid. There must be some sort of misunderstanding. Astrid is downhearted and reaches a peak when she looks over at Marie on her way out of the classroom. She shouldn’t have done that.

On the way home from school, Astrid is bullied by Marie’s friends. Meanwhile, more serious things are happening: Yusuf’s family has received death threats and asks Simon, Astrid’s father for help.

Astrid is at home when the class party begins. She receives a photo on her mobile phone of Yusuf and Marie kissing. Her entire world is falling apart. The next day, she learns that Yusuf is in hospital in a coma after a life-threatening drug was slipped into his drink at the party. Why had he kissed Marie? How did Yusuf, who neither drinks nor uses drugs, end up in a coma? And who is threatening the life of Yusuf’s family?
This time, Astrid must solve the mystery on her own.