The Code Mystery

Hanne Kristin Rohde

Kagge Forlag 2020
Children fiction, 9-12 / Mystery, crime

Product sheet (PDF)

Org kodemysteriet hoy

The BLUE LIGHT series gives young readers exciting crime mysteries to solve. Author Hanne Kristin Rohde draws from her experience and knowledge from many years as an investigator on the police force in creating a compelling and believable universe.

Astrid is spending Christmas holiday in her grandmother’s hometown, Brønnøysund in northern Norway. This is where her grandmother actually lives when she is not staying in Nordberg to check up on Astrid’s dad. On Christmas Eve, a cross disappears from the local church: A precious treasure that has already been saved from two church fires. Grandmother is upset, as well as everyone else in town. When Astrid and her grandmother go for a walk, they discover that several sculptures in town have been vandalised. It soon turns out that a number of other works of art have been vandalised around Nordland Cultural Park. The person or persons behind the misdeeds have posted a code. Astrid begs her father to invite Yusuf up north to visit them for Christmas. Soon Yusuf arrives, and the two friends are deep into breaking the code. Together with new friends in Brønnøysund, they are soon on the trail of something quite unexpected.