Terror from a woman's point of view

Hanne Kristin Rohde

Kjemp for alt hva du har kjært
Kagge Forlag 2015
Non Fiction / Novel

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22 July 2011: Hanne Kristin Rohde, chief at the Oslo Police, is on vacation when the phone rings. A bomb has exploded in the centre of Norway’s capital. Little does she know that this is merely the beginning of her most demanding year ever. Soon she is up to her neck with intense work pressure, high expectations from media and faces illness - both in the family and herself.
In this book Hanne Kristin Rohde shares her experiences after many years of leadership at the Oslo Police. She tells about the young, shy girl who never dared speak up in meetings, and how the same woman some years later leads a packed press conference with international media. Rohde’s reflexions on good and bad leadership are recognisable and instructive -
for any workplace.
A book to be inspired by. You can handle bad leaders and overcome your own fears. Your weaknesses can be turned into strengths. You can dare to do a «mental base jump», to be a better version of yourself.